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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Is Article Writing Important For Internet Marketers?

By Sharon Doucet

Article writing is the most powerful internet marketing strategy of all. Well written articles attract highly targeted traffic to your web site. As an Internet Marketer, highly targeted traffic is the key to getting your share of digital gold.

There are still only a relatively small number of internet marketers who actually understand why article marketing is such a powerful strategy for marketing. For others it may seem to be just another piece of work they just can not be bothered to, or afraid to, undertake as they do not see much value in writing articles. Listed below are 7 very valid reasons why internet marketers should write articles on a regular basis.

1. Free Advertising:

When an article has good content (valuable information) you are providing service to readers who are searching for specific information. By including your name and site link in the resource box you enable the reader to visit your site and perhaps purchase from you. It costs you absolutely no money to get your article published on the internet.

2. Your Name Becomes Known:

Informative articles, with your name attached as the author, attracts attention. When you have people’s attention your name starts to circulate around the internet. Your name then becomes associated with valuable information and you have effectively branded yourself as an expert.

3. You Establish a Reputation:

By providing excellent, relevant and original articles you create a good impression on your prospects. You start to be seen as an expert in your field and this in turn drives even more people to your site who will be eager to do business with you.

4. Get Natural Traffic:

Well written articles that are keyword rich can greatly improve search engine rankings for you. This is the way to drive natural traffic to your site. A word of caution, key words must be used with relevant information otherwise you will lose credibility as an author.

5. Link Popularity To Your Site Increases:

By simply submitting your articles to other sites, and including your name and link in the resource box, you will automatically get link partners. This means that you do not have to spend hours and hours hunting and asking webmasters for reciprocal links. Link popularity is also a determining factor in search engine rankings.

6. Enhance Your Credibility:

Articles do receive feedback from others. Record the positive feedback and comments your receive, and then you can include them on your site, in your promotional material and advertising. This will make a good impression on prospects as well as build loyalty with your existing client base. When you gain more credibility you will also be drawing in more prospects.

7. Long Term Profit:

Once your article is published on the internet, in e-zines, article sites, on someone's blog or website, it usually stay there forever. That means that these articles will still draw clients on a regular basis for years to come. How is that for free lifetime advertising?

Article marketing is a powerful tool for internet marketers. It is not the fastest way to create your digital gold, but it is a steady way to build your business with highly targeted traffic that will do business with you time and again if you provide good products, relevant information and great service. Article marketing is a very solid and powerful internet marketing strategy.

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