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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Most Crucial Requirement For Internet Marketers

By Sharon Doucet

Do you know what the most crucial thing an Internet Marketer needs in order to find their digital gold by working from home in Internet Marketing? If you ask any number of Internet Marketers this question you would probably get just as many different answers.

They would tell you that the first thing you require is a web site, or a hot selling affiliate program, or a product of your own creation. Others might tell you first must start with information on how to build a business on line.

Well, you will require all of these things and much more eventually. But, there is one thing that is absolutely crucial to your success in finding digital gold in Internet Marketing, one thing that will ensure your success, but it seems so very hard for so many people to achieve.

That one crucial requirement is called PERSISTENCE. Webster's dictionary defines persistence as "to continue in a state or action in spite of obstacles or objections". Persistence means not giving up your dreams of making money on line working from home because everyone thinks you lost your mind. It means working hard getting your Internet business set up, advertising, learning, asking questions and pushing yourself through both the good and the bad times you will encounter.

It is highly unlikely that you will realize a huge influx of digital gold in your first week of business, or your first month and perhaps not even by the sixth month, but do not give up just before you strike your digital gold mine. Your income should increase each month and if it does then keep on working and seeking more knowledge and help to help you gain more digital gold. Persist in what you are doing. But remember if you persist at doing nothing to grow you Internet business you will get exactly what you put in -- nothing.

Persistence is a habit that you need to develop if you desire to win in any aspect of your live. Below I have listed four simple steps which will help you develop the habit of persistence.

1) You need to have a definite purpose backed up by a burning desire to have it fulfilled. You have to have a genuine determination to take action until you succeed.

2). You need to have a definite plan of action with concrete steps to take and firm timelines you are determined to follow.

3). You need to shut your mind to all negative and discouraging influences around you. This includes family, friends, yourself and anyone else who are negative or discouraging towards your endeavors.

4). You must find and be in continuous communication with one or more people (a mastermind group) who will encourage you and help you to follow through with your purpose and plan.

There are millions of people who search for information on how to make money working from home in Internet Marketing every month. Statistics show that 97% of these people never find their digital gold mine, they give up too soon. Why don't you be one of the 3% who develop the habit of persistence and strike digital gold with Internet Marketing?

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