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Thursday, January 10, 2008

PLR, MRR And RR Explained!

By Ray Johnson

There are a myriad of products on the internet that you can purchase and sell as your product. Some of them are labeled PLR, some are labeled MRR and some are labeled RR. What do those initials stand for, what is the difference between them and how does that affect your internet marketing?

PLR, MRR and RR all stand for particular licensing rights to products you can buy to resell. PLR stands for private label rights. MRR stands for master resell rights, and RR stands for resale rights.

In some ways they are the same but in important ways they are very different. If you don't know the difference and resell a product incorrectly you could find yourself in trouble with the product creator, or at least the creator’s lawyers. Let me explain how they each work.

Let's start with the product type that has the most restrictions on it and work our way up to the type that has the least restrictions. The products labeled RR are the most restrictive. Those are the products that are designated resale rights.

Resale rights products, are products you purchase that you have the right to resell to others to make a profit. The only thing you are allowed to do is to resell the product to the end user. You can not change it in any way, you can not claim authorship or copyright to the product.

Resale rights products can be sold by you to someone who wants to use the product for themselves. They cannot resell the products themselves. You do not have the right to offer any one else the ability to sell that product.

That brings us to the next type of product on the totem pole, MRR or master resell rights products. Master resell rights products are similar to RR products in that you cannot change the product or claim authorship or copyright to the product.

Although you have the right to sell it to the end user just like RR labeled products here is where it is different, you can sell resell rights to the product. You have the right to enable a customer to purchase the product with the ability of that customer to resell it themselves. That is the difference between MRR and RR. MRR means you can sell resell rights to the product you are marketing, RR means you cannot sell resell rights, you can only sell the product to the end user.

That leaves PLR, the best option for a product you want to resell. A product labeled PLR or private label rights, can literally be treated as if you created it yourself. You can put your name on it as the author. You can sell resell rights and master resell rights to the product. The only thing you cannot do is claim copyright to the product even though you can claim authorship.

Another difference with PLR products is that you can change and edit them. You can add comments, rewrite parts, even rewrite the whole thing. You can change formats, for example you can convert an ebook into an audio product by reading it into a recorder. Once you change the product significantly, it in essence becomes a new product and now you can claim copyright to the new changed product.

I must throw one caveat in here, make sure you understand exactly what you are buying. While I have outlined what is generally accepted to be the difference between these types of products, product creators may have their own definition of what they are selling. Make sure you look specifically at how the product creator will let you use the product.

Buying products online for resale is a quick and usually inexpensive way to quickly get your hands on a product to market. Knowing the difference between PLR, MRR and RR gives you better knowledge about what you are buying. It also let you know exactly how you can sell each of the product types so you can better know how to market your products.

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