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Friday, December 7, 2007

Success Tips On How To Recruit Affiliates

By Robert Williams

Affiliate program success depends on a number of things, including resources, tools and communication. Even the best affiliate manager in the world can supply those things and not have a successful affiliate program. Without affiliates joining the program, you aren't going to be successful. The common question among new affiliate program owners is how to go about recruiting affiliates.

Recruiting means supplying with new members. The more affiliates you can recruit, the more successful your program should be, depending on how serious and hardworking your new members are.

Not everyone who joins will have the same level of drive and ambition to sell. If recruiting stops, you might have fewer affiliates because some will drop out or become inactive. By having a steady flow of new recruits joining the program, the owner has a stream of fresh, new people, excited and keen to promote and create sales.

Do some research before you begin recruiting, to find where to get the best recruits. Of course, you could advertise all over the place and accept any number of recruits who come your way. You might also want to try and lure recruits from competitors, by offering a better commission. You could advertise on a complementary website. If your website is about, for example, healthy pet treats, some complementary websites might be websites featuring information about pet health, pet care and various animal breeds.

Affiliate managers can begin by contacting the owners of these websites and telling them a bit about the product. This is a good time to let them know about the affiliate program and say why their readers would be a good fit for the product.

Giving examples of possible commissions to the affiliates will help to get them interested and motivated. Some of these new affiliates might be new to affiliate marketing and might not realize what the benefits are.

If, for example, an information product in a program sells for $50 and the program offers a 50% commission, you can explain the potential earnings in this way:

As an affiliate, you can earn $750 a month if your readers buy just one copy a day.

There are plenty of people looking for ways to work from home and affiliate marketing is a way that people can earn as much as they like, depending how much effort they are willing to put in.

Another way to attract affiliates is to become a regular on a few forums which are dedicated to affiliate marketing or work from home opportunities. Networking is very important to the affiliate manager, as is establishing global relationships. Include links in your signature to let other members of the forum know about your program.

Yet another option is to notify your mailing list. These people are already interested in your product or service and have looked to you before for guidance and advice. They might even have purchased the same product you are currently promoting. This is great for promoting the product themselves and offering feedback. They might well know people in the same target market.

Recruiting affiliates is something you should be consistent about. Just an hour or so each week can provide a steady stream of new affiliates, excited and keen to begin working for you and promote the goods or services your program has to offer.

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