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Friday, December 7, 2007

Cutting Down The Confusion in Affiliate Marketing

By Michael Murray

Let's face it. Internet marketing is a world of confusion, especially for beginners. I still believe that affiliate marketing (selling other people's products for a percentage of the sale) is a great way for newbies to earn money quick. But even in that sub-category of Internet marketing there is confusion. There are so many products promising to reveal the big secret (some good, many not), tools to use, programs to signup for, etc. It can be overwhelming!

I can't teach you everything about affiliate marketing in one article. But I can give you 3 tips to help you get focused and hopefully cut down on some of the confusion.

1. Market to a niche that has a high demand - Forget trying to start your Internet business (even as an affiliate) around your "hobby" or "passion", unless your hobby has a high demand of people searching for something online. Not only must people be searching for something, but they must be searching for something to buy. You don't want to have to convince people to buy the product you're selling. You want them to be searching for a solution to a problem, and see your product as that solution.

2. Focus on one product at a time - The "Mall" approach (like Amazon or Best Buy) doesn't work well for small businesses like ours. If you are building a mini-site around a particular niche, it's best to advertise one product throughout the entire site. There are exceptions, of course, such as if you're comparing products in a review style, but if you are just starting out I'd recommend the "one site, one product" approach. You may only make 2 - 3 sales per day, but imagine having 9 other sites in different niches all doing the same thing.

3. Do something! - With all the information out there it's easy to just keep buying e-books and reading. And buying. And reading. But that won't make your bank account grow. In fact, it will make it shrink! In all seriousness, it's easy to get so overwhelmed that you're not sure what the best course of action is. But you must make a move. Create a content site. Write articles. Do something. I'm not saying to just jump in blindly. Develop a plan of action, but then do it. Yes, you might fail, but so what? You are finding out what works and what doesn't.

If you really want to succeed in Internet marketing, you must learn how to drown out some of the noise. We get hit with so many offers and pitches that it's easy to get confused. Just remember that your goal is to tap into a niche with a high demand and people looking for a solution to a problem. Then, create a mini-site and/or write and submit articles about it, but advertise one product at a time. Above all, remember that the best e-book, course, or study program in the world won't make you a dime. You must take the information and do something with it.

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Michael Murray is an Internet marketer who lives in Florida. He recommends "Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate" to learn how you can succeed in affiliate marketing. It reveals 5 of the most effective traffic strategies and niche-targeting tactics in full detail: