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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Internet Marketing Strategies - What You Need To Know

By Zach Thompson

Thousands of people have internet businesses, yet few understand the internet marketing strategies that can make them successful. Good marketing strategies can increase traffic to your web site and establish your company as a leader in its category.

Many people shy away from Internet marketing because they think it is complicated or mysterious. In reality it is neither. Knowing what marketing strategies are available and then utilizing them can greatly enhance your success. Many of the techniques cost little to use, yet can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Start by making sure that you have a well-designed web site. Don't worry about frills such as graphics. These can sometimes prohibit people from easily accessing your site so do without them. Instead opt for a well-planned, clean site with easy navigation.

Whenever possible try to have the site professionally designed, as this will enhance the look and make the business look more professional. Keep the colors of your site simple and have the same navigation buttons throughout.

Email marketing is one easy strategy that can be used for Internet marketing. You can purchase email lists, however these are usually not very fruitful. Instead, try gathering information off of your own website. Have users fill in their information to get on the mailing list. Then, send targeted email letters to these potential customers. Since they've already shown an interest in your product or service you're bound to have a good response.

Try to get a good search engine ranking. With thousands of similar sites this can be tricky. Searchers rarely look beyond the first page of search results so it pays to be among the first ten. Good use of keywords can help you rank high. Consider hiring a specialist who can help you achieve top results. This is one place where it's worth it. Use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to get your ranking higher. This means that you need to know the most common words that people will use to search for your particular product.

Use pay per click (PPC) marketing. There are many terms for PPC marketing. What it means is that you place an advertisement on a web site and pay each time the ad is clicked. The ad will also take the user directly to your site via a link. PPC type advertising is not very expensive and if you get on the right sites you can generate lots of interest.

Use articles to market your site. There are many article search engines available. How this strategy works is that you submit an article about your product category. You can usually not mention your web site until the very last informational blurb. This can be a link to your site. If you use these wisely (again using keywords and search engine optimization) you may get lots of visitors. Don't worry if you can't write. Hire an inexpensive professional writer to write articles using keywords that you supply.

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Zach Thompson is a 23 year-old network marketer & marketing consultant. Why Wellness Industry?