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Thursday, December 27, 2007

How to Use Audio-Video Streaming for Online Business

By Joseph Jordan

Audio-video streaming is basically video with sound that you can watch online. The video is transmitted over the internet for various reasons, but you can take advantage of it for your own online business.

The first way to use audio-video streaming is to create a video that promotes your business or product. Think of it as an internet ad. Depending on how you do it, this video could be uploaded onto site like YouTube where millions of potential viewers can see it. You can also pay to have your ad placed on third-party websites.

Audio-video streaming can also be used to show how to use your product, right on your own site. This is very important if you have a product that benefits from more explanation than simply a photo or two with accompanying copywriting. For example, George Foreman has videos on his site that both promote and show how to use his famous grill. There, you can learn right along with him, how to use his grill to prepare a fabulous meal. He isn't just telling you how to do it in text, but actually showing you through the wonder of audio-video streaming!

At times audio-video streaming can be used to create the actual product. You can sell videos on just about anything and if you make a video on something that many people are interested in, you can sell it on your website. The best way to do this is to create the video, then charge a fee to be able to enter the website. Alternatively, you could offer audio-video streaming downloads that people can pay for individually. This is best if you plan to offer multiple videos for sale on your site.

If you decide to use audio-video streaming to create and deliver your products, you need to have a very good and very interesting topic. Something that is easy to promote and that will draw people to your website. For example, fitness videos are very popular with all ages, but particularly with middle-aged women who are worried about their weight. If you offer a website that uploads a new audio-video streaming fitness program every day or every other day, you can charge a monthly fee for access.

The same goes for just about any popular topic. You can also use audio-video streaming to add more products to an existing website that sells information and / or physical products. For example, you might want to try creating some audio-video streaming videos on do it yourself projects for a home improvement site. Use your products in the video to gain extra promotion.

Audio-video streaming can be a very useful tool if you know what to do with it. There is plenty of information on the internet and it is worth your while to take a little time and learn how it works. Then you can start applying it to your business, creating your own products to sell or using it for promotional purposes. One thing remains clear; audio-video streaming is a valuable addition to the internet business.

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