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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Commissions - 5 Hot Tips To Put Yours Into Overdrive

By Steve Roberts

If you wish to earn a residual income from your affiliate marketing commissions, it is critical that your business is set up of sound business practices.

You may find it frustrating with all the promises of fast money making ventures out there, but you will find your income will flow a lot faster if you take the time to first set your business up with a solid base.

1. Choose a Category You Are Interested In;

Affiliate marketing is all about selling someone else's product. So the only thing you have to worry about is the promotion and or marketing of that product.

You will find it a whole lot easier to achieve great results if you already know something about the type of product you are going to promote. If you are passionate about it then that is even better.

2. Choose quality products to promote;

Once you have chosen your category, you will find an abundance of products that you can promote. Do your research and only choose great quality products. Just because you have chosen to promote other people's products, does not mean you should put your name to poor quality products. Websites like ClickBank and Commission Junction are great places to find products to promote. You can also do a google search to find more products to promote. Just type in "your area of interest affiliates". Make sure you put it all inverted commas to narrow the search.

3. Set A Budget - and Stick To It.

Now that you have identified your topic and hopefully chosen some products you would like to promote, you need to start promoting them. But just before you rush off and do that, there are a couple of things you need to do. Firstly, decide how much money you are willing to invest into your business each month and stick to that budget.

If you have been led to believe you can start an internet based business with no capital, then technically this is correct. Back in the real world, you would be most likely to loose interest along the way as meaningful results would take years.

On the other hand you do not have to have a huge budget either, there are plenty of free tools available on the internet. Depending on which form of marketing you intend to do, you will need to spend some money each month for tools or products that are either not available for free, or are just simply of a poor quality in the free market.

Secondly you need to move on to step 4...

4. Educate Yourself;

Once again do your research. You will need to understand how it is you are going to market your chosen topic and associated products. You can use Pay Per Click with search engines, Article Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogs, etc, etc...

This is your danger area. You can get stuck in a never ending cycle of education, if you don't at some stage stop learning and start doing. The other danger is trying to learn too many marketing techniques at once. I would suggest you obtain a brief understanding of the various methods AND the associated costs. Naturally some methods will not suit your budget. So just eliminate them straight away. Your cheapest methods are article marketing, blogs and using social websites like My Space. So if you have a limited budget research those first.

Then pick one and one method only. Focus on it until you have become adept at it. Once you have earnt some commissions, you now have some additional capital to invest into the next learning phase.

This step is critical to your success. Do your home work, choose a marketing method, take action until you master that method and start all over again.

5. Follow up your prospects and customers.

You will only be able to do this effectively if you have registered a domain name and set up your web hosting. You can certainly get your affiliate marketing underway without a website, however if your wish to really send your affiliate marketing commissions into overdrive you will need to set up a web site at some stage.

If the topic of web sites and hosting is a bit daunting at this stage, leave it for now. Don't let that be a learning curve that gets in the way of taking action. Once you have some commissions coming in, you can even pay someone else to take care of the web site stuff while you concentrate on marketing.

If you do have web hosting, then setting up a list building process and an auto-responder to follow up not only your customers but also those potential customers who have had a look at your product, but did not buy. This process will literally send your commissions through the roof.

Naturally there will also be a learning curve to implement this strategy. Take your time, the internet is not going anywhere. It is much better to set up a great system that will reap long term rewards than to rush into something that you are constantly having to fix on the fly.

Making money with an online business using affiliate marketing is not a difficult process. The problem that most people encounter is getting distracted along the way. If you are careful to set up a good business plan, and follow it, you will be well on the way to supercharging your affiliate marketing commissions.

I wish you luck and hope you have a great day.

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