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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Boosting Your Online Business Presence

By: Josh Stone

Be honest, how many places do you ever really remember online? Most people remember only a fraction of the websites that they eventually visit. However, this is an awful occurrence for someone who is running a business that has an online presence. This online presence is very important to ensure that things are running properly, and that customers are coming back to help build repeat business and profits.

If you have a website and online presence that is not gathering some good attention, then you are essentially destined to close quite quickly. It is very important to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and ensure that you are creating a good, powerful, and strong online presence that drives repeat business to your website. The trick is to do this without spamming, or it will make your site appear desperate.

Starting with the basics is always important. You should never attempt to run a business website from a free hosting company. Having a web address of is just not very professional. Investing in a domain name that is instead is much more professional and very affordable. For only a few dollars a year you can purchase a domain name that gives you this professional image and the price is very much worth the professional appearance it gives you.

Once you have located a domain name that you want and have looked around to find a company to purchase it from, your next step should be locating the hosting service you will need. Unless you are absolutely positive you are going to have massive traffic to your website right from startup or very quickly afterwards it is best financially to get a small to medium web hosting package. This allows you to easily upgrade as you need more server space or even bandwidth and still keep your web hosting costs under control.

While you are working on your online presence, never discount the importance of a proper e-mail address. is just not as professional as Who would you rather do business with, someone with a proper e-mail or someone using a free e-mail service? Most people would prefer the more professional e-mail because it gives a powerful impression that you have taken care of the small details. Most web hosting packages include e-mail addresses which makes it affordable and typically at no extra cost.

Your last major basic step should be avoiding SPAM. No matter what, you should never start mass e-mailing people who have not asked for information about your company or product. This is a major faux pas in business and can create a bad name for your business as well as land you in some legal trouble. Avoid this and never resort to this type of advertising. Your time and money is much better spent on other forms of advertising instead. Remember, while you are working hard to grow your business and avoid SPAM you want to ensure your employees all feel the same way as well, or at the very least abide by your anti-SPAM policy.

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