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Monday, September 24, 2007

Are You Going To Be One Of The 90% Of Internet Marketers Who Quit?

By: Jo Han Mok

It may seem obvious that if you quit, you won't succeed. However, too many people let the challenges, obstacles and temporary failures that happen stop them in their tracks. If you're used to instant gratification and immediate, predictable rewards, get ready for a different way of doing work. Work as if you'll never get paid. Do the work because it needs to be done, and done well. Forget about your reward, for now.

Rather than trotting out every quote, saying, cliche and parable about persistence, just know this: a mediocre but persistent person will always win out over a brilliant but inconsistent person. You may be a genius, but are you successful? By "success", I mean, "The progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or vision." Action over time can move mountains. Quick action that fizzles out is like fireworks - pretty, but temporary.

The real challenge for people to face is long periods of action that don't pay off. You've been working steadily for months (or even years), and haven't made a thing. According to everything you know, you're doing it right, but it isn't working for you. This is the point where most failures occur. The person either spends too much money trying to "jump start" the business, or simply gives up the daily effort necessary to sustain the business according to the business plan.

First of all, never throw money at a problem you really don't understand. Second, take the time to rethink what you are doing, especially the assumptions you made when you started. Third, if you decide to change things, change them one at a time, rather than all at once. Finally, if you ask for help, be prepared to sacrifice your ego and do what you're told to do.

Most businesses fail at the point where they're expanding. They don't have the cash to support the expansion. A little thought and a clever use of other people's resources may get you what you thought you had to buy yourself. Need more advertising? Get partners or affiliates to do the job, rather than spend money on traditional or Internet ads. Joint ventures, bartering and peer networks can be a resource you cannot buy with money!

Unchecked assumptions can spell death to a business venture. If you assume that the product you developed as a labor of love will be loved by the world, you might be wrong. Yes, it may be wonderful, but people won't spend money on it. You must test your assumptions and abandon those projects that don't pay off. There are simple and inexpensive ways to do market research that will predict the viability of an idea, product or service. Learn them and use them.

Don't fall into the trap of revamping your entire business all at once. Unless you know for a fact that your entire marketing approach is a train wreck, change things one at a time. As you change each element, find a way to measure the effect of the change. If you cannot measure something, you cannot manage it. Change for the sake of change is foolish and costly. Test and measure each change.

If all of these efforts have failed, get help. Ask your peers for feedback. Consider hiring a consultant with a proven track record of success in helping others become profitable. If you do ask for help, do what you are told. Don't let your ego, presumptions and biases get in the way. Dump your precious but failing methods and use what works in real life.

Above all else, don't quit. Quitting is the only guaranteed method of failure. Everything else is possible, if you persist.

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