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Monday, May 24, 2010

Common Mistakes in Starting an Online Business

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when starting an online business is that they want to study everything. They want to know everything before they start their online business. Back in the 90s there were no experts. So I just did the best I could do with what I had. I used the browsers html composer.

As I was learning html code, I would view the source of something that I wanted to learn. Then I'd paste into notepad and examine it. I would make minor changes and that is how I learned to bold text. I think the best thing that someone can do is just make changes as you go. When you read an ebook, make the application right there on the spot as you go. Use that as your guide.

You don't make money just reading the how to ebook; the money comes from the application. So study the material and make the application right away, otherwise you won't go anywhere. Most people get bogged down with emails and ebooks and they never go anywhere because they are not using the knowledge that they are learning.

Figure out what you want to do, study that information then go out and do it. Don't get wrapped up in trying to do everything just perfect. It is ok to make mistakes and learn from them.

I left one of my mistakes up on my blog and I still laugh at it every time I see it. If you have a profitable business online, you're never going to really finish it. It's a work in progress. You can't expect to get everything right the first time you do it online either. The most important things you can do are to register that domain name, put a blog on it and get started with doing something.

I see this mistake time and time again. It's one of those things that you can say time after time. The best thing is when someone reads something; they say yes to it and get started with some kind of project.

I have been working online for about 13 years now. Looking back on my career the most powerful impact that I had was when I said and actually did something.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get someone that you can be accountable to. The person needs to get the importance of internet marketing, even if they are a newbie. Try and find someone that is on your level. This way you can share ideas and feedback because they get it. I was working solo for a very long time before I met others that I could click with.

If you don't have someone that you're accountable to, you'll go nuts and second guess yourself. I got more things done connecting with someone. Those are just a few things I think are important when starting your online business.

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