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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unleash the Power of Publicity: Establish an Internet Presence

By Dee Power

Publicity can mean increased visibility for your business, more traffic, and more sales. Even if you have a website for your business, one of the first steps to unleash the power of publicity is to establish a media friendly website.

The media, newspaper reporters, editors, and journalists will want to take a quick glance at your site to see if it, and you, are credible. If your site is strictly a sales tool, consider setting up a separate blog or website that is for the media. Use press releases as a tool to increase the visibility of your product, rather than to directly generate sales.

In this article I'm using the word "product" but the techniques described here are equally applicable to "services" as well.

You may have heard of the term squeeze page. It's simply a webpage that offers the visitor free information, a report, ebook, or a subscription to a newsletter in exchange for the visitors name and email address. A squeeze page isn't the best alternative as the website contact for a press release. Squeeze pages by definition don't have much information on them. Reporters are hesitant to sign up, and most of them won't. So even if they're interested in your press release you've lost the opportunity for a story.

Most squeeze pages have no contact information, or about us information. While you might want the url of your squeeze page included in your press release to generate visitors, it's highly unlikely the press will pick it up. It's considered too much of a sales pitch.

A landing page or sales page, in most cases will lose the interest of the media just as quickly as a squeeze page. They don't have time to wade through 10, 15, or 20 pages to determine if there's a story. In fact many of them will immediately click away when they realize where they've landed is a sales page.

So even if you have a webpage for your product, look at it through the eyes of the media. You've only got a few minutes to snag their interest. You need to provide them with concise nuggets of information that they can readily turn into a story. If you make their job easy, the more likely they are to feature your company in a story. You might consider setting up a separate site, or blog, for the media with links to your squeeze page and/or landing page for potential customers that happen to find their way there.

If you set up a blog make sure that the latest post is current and not from months ago. You can unleash the power of publicity by setting up an Internet presence.

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