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Monday, March 2, 2009

To Make Money Marketing Online Here Are Simple Tips

By Tyler James Ellison

The internet is such a massive pool of money and there is plenty for all of us. Plus if your product is good enough and actually benefits your customers then there is absolutely no reason anyone cannot make a lot of money online. However you do need some basic SEO tactics.

I was asked yesterday about the best and most simple tactics that newbies can begin with.

So here is a quick guide to getting your website some class rankings without paying for it.

You won't hit the number one spot on Google immediately with these fast methods but you will rank well and get good traffic. Getting to No 1 usually takes a bit of time and if you decide to do ppc, it will give near instant results but will cost you.

Search engine optimisation

Here's what definitely works:

The very first thing you absolutely need to do is find your optimum keywords.

Do this by using Google's own keyword search tool or whatever tools you are familiar with. Spend some time on this subject as it's really important. Decide on one keyword only and three long tail keywords per page. No more is needed, seriously, too much and Google will slap you silly.

Embed your capture page with your optimum keyword three or four times only. Again don't overdo it. Embed your main keyword within your headline text. Embed your long tail keywords so that it's easily readable.

Submit your sites to all of the major search engines although this is not absolutely necessary nowadays.

Check in your webmaster tools that your sites are being "crawled" by Google and that your pages are Google friendly with as few html errors as possible. (press f12, verify)

Submit your links to as many social bookmarking sites as you can (this can take a fair amount of time without specific software).

Write a few articles on Digg and others and leave your url (signature) on your article pages, you don't need to be an expert, just get writing. Make money marketing.

Leave comments on authority blogs in your niche.

Sign up for as many social sites as you can. Set up your profile and customise it, be yourself.

Post to your blog as often as you can or at least 3 times per week and the traffic will eventually snowball.

Most of all, don't give up. To make money marketing online you must be patient unless you want to go down the PPC route or the PPV route if you have the cash to speculate but that's another story and another article for another day.

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