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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Crazy Benefits of Content Marketing

By Gen Wright

Many web business owners, especially those who do not own a whole lot of Internet Marketing experience, have the idea that getting an enormous amount of links for their sites is a right thing. That's not exactly a hundred percent true because getting back links, when done wrong, can damage your sites. There are several ways to build back links to your website, and so far the advantages of article marketing far outweighs other link building methods.

Some webmasters acquire links by submitting their sites to thousands of web directories. With such a large number of links out there, it's almost a guaranteed thing for search engines to locate your links and crawl your sites. But that's pretty much it. There are very few benefits that's worth mentioning.

Other webmasters like to post on forums and blogs to get a ton of links. This is a much better link building method because it allows the webmasters to get in touch with others on the websites. Human beings will see reply to the posts, see the links, and click through to see what your site has to offer. This is a time devouring task. It takes a long period of time to post on forums and blogs, and it takes even more time for other bloggers to remember you and your sites.

The knowledgeable Internet Marketers usually choose article marketing over all other link building methods for a few distinct reasons. First, article marketing allows them to get their message out there lightning fast. By promoting useful articles, they let the readers have a preview of the knowledge that they have to share. If readers want to inquire more, they can always click the links in the author bio boxes and visit the writer online website.

Besides highly targeted traffic and higher search engine rankings, this method is also very scalable. There's a cumulative effect as more and more articles get submitted and approved by the article directories. If done regularly over some weeks, readers will learn to believe the writers more as can see for themselves the dedicated efforts that's put out by the article marketers.

It's almost tantamount to having your own website or blog for corporate communications, except that now you have hundreds of routes. Article marketers know how to apply this method to position themselves as the authority in their field. There's no need to mention, those who are not into article marketing will eventually lose in the long term because the Internet is all about traffic.

As these quality information get indexed by the search engines and syndicated to hundreds of other sites, the publishers will get constantly growing traffic. With a constant stream of traffic flowing to their websites, guess who is going to eat up the market in the long run? It doesn't take a genius to answer that question.

If you're not into article marketing yet, I highly recommend that you think about implementing this method right now. Do it for a period of time. Write and distribute five articles each day, and if you don't see some expected results, you can always junk the plan. But chances are, you're more likely to become good at this once you see the great benefits.

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