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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Private Label Rights Products: The 10 Best Ways To Use Them

By Phil Coleman

You're in business to make money but find yourself slugging along without significant growth. Is there a way to build your internet business faster and in a cost-effective manner? Are there products you can stamp your own name on, available for you to use, or sell? Can you transform these products so they look like your own creation suited to your business? The answer to these questions is 'yes'.

Private Label Rights (PLR) allow you to do all of the above to move your business to the next level of success. What are Private Label Rights? Private Label Rights are rights to products that you can modify in any way. After modification of the product to suit your business needs, you can call the product your own. You make a claim to ownership of such product and market it in any fashion you so choose.

When you shop at your local supermarket, you may choose to purchase a national brand of canned soup. Alternatively, you may choose to buy the supermarket's own brand of canned soup. However, the supermarket likely obtained that soup from the well-known national company. The supermarket had the label modified so that it conformed to the stores colors, logo, and text.

A consumer buys this soup and calls it by the stores name. To them it's canned soup by 'supermarket so and so'. This product received modification to suit the supermarket's needs. The supermarket calls the product their own. Their customers see it as the supermarket's unique product.

That's how you can use Private Label Rights Products. When you obtain rights to a PLR 'online' product, you change it and use it to your benefit. You make it uniquely yours and then use it to market your business. Of course, you can decide to resell the modified Private Label Product as a product offering of your own (like the supermarket did).

What are the most common Private Label Rights Products? They are reports, articles, eBooks, and software. These types of digital products, available online, become your own private label brands. What are the best ways to use Private Label Rights Products? Here are 10 of them:

1. Resell them as your own: Those who created the product have done all of the groundwork, and 'grunt' work for you. You modify this existing product and get it to market. No idea or development phase; just a ready-made product waiting for you to tweak it so you can sell, sell, sell.

2. Set up your own Online Course: Utilize Private Label Rights eBooks, articles, and reports, as the content for this e-course.

3. String a bunch of modified PLR articles together and make your own eBook. Offer this as a freebie to visitors to your site if they sign up for your newsletter. You build your list of potential customers this way.

4. Add these Private Label Products to your website to make it content rich. Offer your visitors informative, relevant information. They will see your site as one of value and come back for more. All you have to do is change these products so they become your own, with your business name on them.

5. Offer visitors to your site access to PLR software products. Make these software products available to those who sign up as members on your site. Membership gives them access to databases and software programs. You can charge for memberships and increase your list of clients this way.

6. Put links to your niche product website, or sites, within the Private Label Rights content. You will drive traffic to your specific business and its products quicker using this method.

7. Rebrand and submit PLR software to software download sites. Offer it free with your affiliatte links built in, with the intention of building links back to your website.

8. Use PLR products to stock your company newsletter. This is cost-efficient. You save time and money not having to come up with ideas and write them yourself. You free up time to run other aspects of your business.

9. Use these products to stock your blog with content. Have links in your blog content, which point visitors to your website.

10. Record MP3's of the Private Label Rights Products you modify to your business needs. Sell them as audio products available for download at a price you deem marketable.

Private Label Rights Products are the new wave in internet marketing. They are an innovative way to build your internet business fast, while offering content of value to your visitors. When you fulfill your visitors' needs, they return the favor. This means increased profits for your business.

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