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Thursday, March 27, 2008

9 Steps To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business Without Breaking The Bank

By Jeff Sargent

Everyone is looking for the easy way to get in on the Money Train on the Internet. Although there is no easy way to make money online, one of the best ways for someone to get in on the action is through Affiliate Marketing.

Here is my 9 step process to get into Affiliate Marketing with as little money out of pocket as possible.

STEP 1. Find a Niche:
You must find something that you are an expert in or passionate enough about in order to do the necessary research that will be required to properly promote a product. Get a piece of paper and write down all the things you are interested in. You will be surprised at how big your list will be.

STEP 2. Find a product to sell:
There are many places to find products to sell but I suggest starting out with Clickbank. Using the list you created in the previous step start searching for the best product within your chosen niche that you would like to sell as an affiliate marketer.

STEP 3. Get a Domain Name:
Once you have done the research and have found the product that you are going to promote you will need to get a domain name to use as your opt-in page. You want to choose a domain name that is closely related to the product you will be promoting.

STEP 4. Get a Hosting Service:
You will need a hosting service such as Lunarpages where you can store all the files that will be required for your website.

STEP 5. Design an Opt-In Page:
You will need to design a simple opt-in page to capture the names and email addresses of your future customers. If you can't do this on your own you can source it out to a company such as Elance. Of course this will cost a lot more than if you can do it yourself. Do yourself a big favor and try to learn HTML so you can design your own.

STEP 6. Keyword Research:
You will need to do some keyword research to see what keywords people are using in their search for the type of products you plan on promoting. There are many keyword search tools out there that do a great job but they cost money. There are however some pretty good free services that you could use such as Google Adwords.

STEP 7. Writing Articles:
You will need to write at least 50 articles, preferably closer to 100. The more articles you write the more free traffic you will get to your website. These articles will have to be written about the type of products you are promoting so you get highly targeted traffic. After writing these articles you will have to submit them to an Article Directory such as Ezine Articles.

STEP 8. Get an Autoresponder:
You are going to need a service such as Aweber to collect all the names and email addresses you will be collecting from your opt-in page. This is where you will make the most money as an Affiliate Marketer by follow-up emails promoting other peoples products.

STEP 9. Re-Invest:
You will need to re-invest any money that you make back into your Affiliate Marketing business. Do not use the extra money to go on a shopping spree. You need to spend that money wisely, like on learning more about Affiliate Marketing or buying software that will automate tasks for you to give you more time to expand your business. You should always be re-investing in your Affiliate Marketing business for as long as you own your business if you want to keep on growing.

I realize that in these 9 steps there is not a lot of detail but it would be impossible for me to fully describe what it would take to complete each of these steps. There are many ebooks on each one of these steps that go into great detail that your can find on the Internet. This article was just intended to be a quick guide to help you find a way to get started in the Affiliate Marketing Business without costing you a fortune.

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