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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Article Marketing Strategy : Effective Ways to get Massive Backlinks

By Raymond Nwambuonwo

If you want to get massive back links, an article marketing strategy can be highly effective. Article marketing refers to submitting original articles to article directories and allowing web publishers to use your articles on their sites free of charge. In return they agree to publish your resource and biographical information including a live link to your site.

Not only will you benefit from one-way links, you will also gain direct traffic to your website. As well as the direct links to your site that remain on the article directories, you will get a back link to your website or blog from every site that publishes your article.

For the search engine optimization purposes, the quality of back links is very important. Link popularity is calculated based on both the number of links and whether they are from relevant and authoritative sites. A scatter gun approach of getting hundreds of poor quality links is not an effective article marketing strategy for the long term.

Submitting to a few high traffic article directories like articlesdynamic and some that have a high search engine page rank can be a much better article marketing strategy over the long term than submitting a single article to hundreds of directories at once. You can build massive back links over time, many of which will be quality links. Furthermore, you will not lose credibility by having the same article appearing everywhere as if it is spam.

The key to a successful article marketing strategy is to run a highly targeted campaign. Firstly, your website needs to have a clear theme (it can have sub-themes) and a definite audience it is written for. Your articles need to address the needs of this audience. In other words, you have to write with a clear purpose.

One aspect of any article marketing strategy which should not be neglected is to submit well written, informative and appealing articles regularly. We have all read excruciatingly painful web content. Bad content reflects badly on you and you will not get good targeted traffic if you use it. Even back links will not help you in the long run if your website content is badly written. If you look unprofessional, it will be hard to make sales or sell services.

To maximize the benefit of your article marketing strategy you should also optimize your article for search engines. You can do this easily by including your well researched search term in the title, first ninety characters, and a couple of times in the body of the article and in the final paragraph. The benefit of including SEO in your article marketing strategy is that your article can be found on the free search engines by people searching for your information.

The point of any article marketing strategy is to increase website traffic whether directly from immediate readers or indirectly through increased link popularity. Therefore, your articles and resource information need to entice the reader to want to know more and click on your link.

If you implement your article marketing strategy with these points in mind, you will give yourself the best chance of generating massive, quality back links over time as well as exponentially increasing the number of visitors to your site.

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