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Thursday, February 28, 2008

All Affiliate Marketers Procrastinate

By David Smales

Did you know that unsuccessful affiliate marketers are unsuccessful because they procrastinate? Did you also know that successful affiliate marketers are successful because they procrastinate?

Let me explain the reasoning behind this phenomenon.

The truth is, all affiliate marketers procrastinate, and they tend to "put things off, or will do that later." This relates directly to our enjoyment factor of the task in which we are currently involved with.

The unsuccessful affiliate marketer starts off their day with good intentions and go off to their computer or desk, ready and willing themselves to become successful. They sit there and think of something that they want to do, and get started.

Time flies as they are enjoying themselves, but they reach a point where the task involves an unfamiliar procedure or detail. After a while they realise that the current task is tedious, mundane or too difficult. It then becomes very easy to say "I will do that later." They will then find something that is easier or more enjoyable to do.

Therefore, they stop doing the current activity and do something more enjoyable, hence they are procrastinating the initial task. This is fine, until the now current task involves something that they do not fully understand or are unable to complete. They then say to themselves "I will finish this off later" and move on to something else. A pattern is now evolving, they are now procrastinating the second task of the day, and so on.

At the end of the day, they have achieved very little. None of their tasks have been completed and they are no further forward, yet they have been busy all day!

Whereas, a successful affiliate marketer will arrive at their computer or desk, knowing exactly what they need to achieve that day, and they get started.

Everything is running smoothly until the task involves an unfamiliar procedure or detail. This is now the time to procrastinate! They stop whatever they are doing, and say to themselves "I will finish this off later." They then make a decision. They either decide to research the problem in order to resolve it themselves, or they find someone that can solve the problem for them. They do not proceed any further with their current task or start a new task, until a solution to the problem is forthcoming. They know that their task will not be completed until "that problem" has been resolved.

With the problem resolved, they return to the initial task and continue on to its completion.

At the end of the day, they have achieved more than expected, because they have learnt a new method or procedure. Their tasks have been completed. They are now prepared and ready to start bringing in financial income with the completed project.

At this point, they sit back and have a read through their "to do list" to see what is the next thing they are going to do. Then they say "I will do that tomorrow."

Successful affiliate marketers procrastinate in a positive manner, unsuccessful affiliate marketers just procrastinate.

The essence of this article is to have a plan.

Plan what you do.

Do what you plan.

Record what you have done.

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