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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

6 Benefits of Using Squidoo to Market Your Affiliate Products

By Cheow Yu Yuan

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is one place that you absolutely need to go to, which is Squidoo. It has become the one of the best places to promote affiliate products and services, especially if you are completely new to affiliate marketing.

So what exactly is Squidoo? It is a website designed to make it easy for anyone, for free, to set up a single page on a topic he or she knows or cares a lot about. Advertising revenue is shared with these content creators, and some of it is given to charity.

It consists of a network of user-generated lenses which are single pages that highlight one person point of view, recommendations, tips or expertise. Lenses can be about anything, such as ideas, people, hobbies and sports, pets or products, philosophy, and politics.

Let us discuss some of the benefits when using Squidoo to promote your affiliate products:

1. It is easy to use. Squidoo is very user-friendly and you will not need to be an expert in HTML in order to create a new Squidoo lens. Let it be your website as you can make as many topic lenses as you want, marketing different products in different niches.

2. You do not need to know anything about SEO. As Squidoo provides quality content, major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN will rank your lens high in their organic listings.

3. It is free. If you are a new affiliate marketer, money is surely a major concern for you. By using Squidoo to market your products, you can keep your overheads low as it is completely free to set up a Squidoo account and create as many lenses as you want.

4. Able to market your affiliate products. You will not need to worry about Squidoo rejecting your lens because of affiliate product marketing. It allows you to promote as many affiliate products as you want.

5. Very interactive. There are lots of different interactive elements that you can add onto your lens, such as YouTube video. By making your lens interactive, you will be able to connect better with your viewers and may result in a better conversion.

6. Brand yourself. With each topic that you cover on Squidoo, you are viewed as an expert in that particular field. In this case, you can brand yourself and people will see your name in relation to your lens topics and will remember you.

Squidoo is fun and easy to use. If you are still not using it to market your affiliate products yet, you are missing out on a great deal.

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