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Monday, December 31, 2007

How Should You Treat Your Affiliate Website?

By Jerry Leung

The number one advantage of affiliate marketing is probably that you do not need to take care all the inventory and logistics while making money. However, you need to do everything right in order to make a lot of money. Below are some of the issues you need consider.

Research and study
First of all, you need to research and study on the business. Imagine you are running an offline business, you have to study and research on the products you are going to sell. You need to know all the strength and weakness of the products. And you have to plan for the best way to promote the products. Of course you do not need to research in depth with the logistics. However, you should have a basic concept for the shipping rules in order to advise your customers on this issue.

Besides, you will need to stick to the affiliate program you have joined for a while. You may need to work for it for at least a few months in order to assess if it is worth promoting the products. If you find that there are too many people who are selling the same products, you may need to try another program of product.

Learn while you are working
You do not need to be a professional web designer in order to create your affiliate website. There are a lot of free programs that you can use to create your website. Of course it will be a plus if you have basic knowledge in HTML programming. As a result you are still suggested to learn some basics of HTML programming, and a little bit of javascript.

Once you create your website, you should concentrate on creating the contents. The contents of your website have to be informative and useful. Otherwise your website cannot attract the targeted customers. And at the same time you have to embed the affiliate links into the website in order to make some sales.

You may come across some ready made websites that you can use instantly without any modification. Of course it can seem very attractive since you may think that you can make money right the way. However, this is not the case. There are only very little contents in these ready made websites and it will not be able to attract the customers. There is no short cut in creating your website, you need to prepare the contents yourself and eventually you should be able to see the results in your bank account.

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