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Thursday, November 22, 2007

What Is The Best Form Of Internet Advertising?

By Daniel Trainor

Are you trying to get visitors to your website? This is known as getting traffic and it is becoming harder and harder to do because the number of competitors you have is growing every day.

Here is the best form of internet advertising to help you come out on top.

I really want to concentrate on 2 things in this article and discuss how they tie together to affect your success.

1. Master one form of internet advertising before taking on another one.

2. Finding something you enjoy and stick to it.

Here is what I see. Bob builds a website. Not just any old website either. This is the best looking website in his niche, whatever that means. Kind of like building a restaurant in the mountains and hiring the best chef in the world to come and cook. Except you forget to tell everyone how to find you.

So it dawns on Bob that he is going to have to advertise or no one will come. He reads that ezine advertising is a good thing, so he runs an ad and does not make one sale. He is not even sure if anyone actually came to his site.

Next he hears about how people are buying 10,000 hits for $29 so he thinks this must be the best form of internet advertising. He buys the hits, gets a report showing that all 10,000 have been done and he still has not made one sale.

Now he is getting mad. He reads about how great pay per click advertising is, so without really understanding what he is doing he sets up a small campaign and gives out his credit card. Next day he wakes up and finds he has spent $500 in 12 hours to make just one sale.

We could go on and on. This is not the best way to advertise online. You are better to learn as many free or nearly free methods of promoting your business first. Then branch into paid methods as you learn what you like to do and what is working for you.

If you like to write try article marketing. If you like people try social networking and forum marketing. If you do not like to type try traffic exchanges. You will find what you enjoy and you will do more of it. As you master that then branch out.

Your business will become profitable and you will not jump around spending time and money and finally giving up and quitting.

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