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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How the Little Guy Can Beat the Gurus at Internet Marketing

By Kristy Taylor

Most people think that Internet marketing gurus have a stronghold over their competition, but what most people don't know is that these so called gurus usually cheat. Yes, that's right, they cheat. These Internet marketing gurus have created virtual empires of passive profits by cheating.

How have they cheated, you may ask. They've cheated by using private label material to create content for their websites, information for their products, and even articles that they send to their mailing lists.

So how is it possible for the little guy to compete against the gurus? Easy, join them at their own game. Private label content can be found all over the Internet, you just need to search for it. As for topics covered by private label material, the sky is your limit. All topics imaginable have been used when creating private label material, so you can get started in almost any niche at all.

Many gurus also use an autoresponders to keep in touch with their mailing lists. This allows them to add sequential messages to each mailing campaign that is sent out on pre-determined days. These messages usually contain articles and information related to the particular niche that the mailing list members are interested in. These gurus also include marketing or affiliate links in these messages to generate sales from the list members.

Can you imagine being able to predict when and how much you are going to get paid? That's very similar to what the gurus do. By sending out these messages on set days, with pre-written content laced with marketing or affiliate links, they are able to generate sales on a pre-determined day, for a pre-determined amount.

Wow, talk about writing your own pay check. This type of marketing can be very powerful if you know what you're doing. And the availability of autoresponder systems on the Internet is huge. You can self-host an autoresponder script or pay for a hosted service. Most services let you run unlimited campaigns for the one monthly fee, which means you could tap into hundreds of different niches if you wanted to. Personally I like to stick to niches that I already have some interest in as that helps to keep me motivated.

The biggest bite into your time when setting up these autoresponder messages is the content writing. It can be tedious writing a whole series of articles for use in an autoresponder, so many gurus resort to using private label articles in their messages. This saves them a lot of time and effort as they only have to format their messages and basically copy and paste the article into the message. Easy!

So if it's this easy for the gurus, why can't you do the same? You can. You can follow the gurus and do it the same way they do it and use private label content for your messages. Just change the articles a little so they sound a more like you, add some extra information here and there in your own words to help make the article your own. Your members will thank you for the great content and you'll thank yourself for saving so much time.

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