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Monday, November 26, 2007

About Article Marketing - Something You Need to Know

By Jerry Leung

Article marketing becomes one of the must when you are doing your link building work. You can write articles of high quality, adding a resource box or about the author box at the end of your article. And you can then get backlinks from the article site. Of course your articles have to be approved in order to be listed on the article sites.

Some webmaster will have a perception that what they need is links and they do not need to write articles of really high quality, as long as the article can be approved. These can be true and at the same time can be wrong. It is true that you can get the backlinks even if the quality of the article is low. There are some article sites which do not pay much attention on the quality of the articles. And search engine such as Yahoo and Google will not know the quality of the articles. They will only count the relevancy from the contents of the articles.

However, articles of low quality may also do harm to you. If you assume we human beings will not read the articles then it is totally fine. However, we have to bear in mind that there are real people who may read your articles. They may lose the interest to visit your website(s) if the article written by you is of very low quality. As a result, it may be better to write the articles at least with average quality so that you can on one hand enjoy the benefit of backlinks and on the other hand attract people who read your articles to visit your website(s) and most importantly, place order for your products.

There are also webmasters who will submit their articles to different article sites so that they can enjoy even more backlinks. Of course you can submit your article site by site manually. Yet you have another option. You can join some article distribution program so that your article will be distributed to different article sites. Remember, the approval of your articles will be subject to individual site so you will still have to write the articles at least of average quality.

Recently, there is a lot of discussion about duplicated contents in websites. Search engine will place a lower value to duplicated contents. As a result what I usually do is to submit an article by joining the distribution programs. At the same time I will also write different versions of the same articles and submit them manually to about ten articles sites of high PR.

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