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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Law of Attraction And How To Make Money Online

By: Jim Somchai

Internet marketing is claimed to be one of the most effective ways to make money nowadays. It is however hard to determine the percentage of the successful people against unsuccessful people.

There are some experts say that only five per cent of internet marketers considered successful. Some even say the success rate is only one per cent.

Although we do not know the exact rate, we can conclude that the success rate is a lot lower. In this article, we will talk about how does this happen and how to apply the law of attraction into doing internet marketing if you are one of the marketers.

The statistics is not surprising. If you visit MLM channel, you will find similar ratio. If you go to insurance business, you will also see the same thing. The reasons for the failure that often happen here because:

To enter the market is easy.
Easy thing can not be perceived as high value. People have the tendency to neglect it or leave it as soon as they find some obstacle. This is no wonder that people quickly give up once the first problem comes to them.

To build up business require minimal capital.
This is similar to the first point. Since you do not have to pay much, you don't care much if the business will survive. You feel that it is still OK to fail since you did not put much upfront money onto it. Once you have this attitude, you will finally leave it as mentioned in the law of attraction. If you focus on something, it will attract that into reality.

To continue is difficult because of distraction.
You can be easily distracted since a lot of internet marketers make a living by selling the information on how to make money online. Everybody wants to give you the fancy picture of how rich you are going to be if you use his product. You can easily get information overflow.

You will find yourself that you can not resist buying some of them. Once you buy a new thing, you will stop what you have done. There will be no continual efforts. As the result, you will jump from one project to another and another. At the end, most people are not good or have enough skill on any of the field. They finally shy away from the business.

I think these three points are the main reasons why people easily failed in internet marketing. The law of attraction talks about focus and focusing is very important in the field like this. When you have too many choices, you want to be good at all of them. This is not possible. Some of the best internet marketers talked about how to single mindedly focus on what activity you aim for and be good at it. Just one area is enough to make you successful online.

You can visualize yourself to your success. Make regular visualization that you are excellent in the area you choose. Visualization will make your subconscious mind work to attract what you want into your life according to the law of attraction. You will be successful easier and faster. Spend half an hour each day visualizing your success. You can add some background audio onto your visualization to accelerate your attraction.

The law of attraction can work in the internet marketing area. This article talks about why it is hard to succeed online and how to make use of the law of attraction on this business.

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