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Thursday, October 11, 2007

How to Earn Money Online in Five Simple Steps

By: Don James

Finding the right path to earn money online can be a vexing experience especially for those who haven't done it before. There are so many ways to begin that many people typically give up because they get overwhelmed by the number of possible paths and online experts.

If you follow these simple steps to get started, you will find that earning money online does not have to be quite so difficult.

1. Find Your Idea - Your own knowledge and passion is the place to start. Many who attempt to earn money online tend to focus on money for money's sake and not their own interests and passions first. What most online marketing guides do not cover is the core starting point of your online business - your own knowledge and interests.

For example, imagine your real passions are mystery books, coffee, and gardening. Besides that you are an expert at fixing small engines and have a lot of knowledge on that topic. The key is that any of those topics can become a means that can be managed to an income source.

If you love to fix engines then build on small engine repair. If you love gardening then build your online sites around gardening. Always remember that it will be five times easier for you to create and maintain original content to anything that you really care about.

2. Create a Blog - I'm always surprised when people go out and try to create websites by hand and spend literally hundreds of hours learning HTML and paying for hosting centers. Unless you are passionate about page layout and want full control of your page design this is truly a waste of productive time.

Free blogs such as Blogger and Wordpress allow you to pick your site look and focus directly on the content. Some worry that blogs are not well ranked in the search engines. That is not true, however. Some of the highest ranked and traffic heavy sites on the internet are blogs. They provide a huge jump-start to your online business without paying a single penny.

Plus, with the vast number of blogging search engines you can submit your blog articles immediately while you are building out your daily content.

3. Use Ads - Now that you have your idea and site created you now need some means to build income. Ads are one of the best ways to start generating simple income on your site. The concept is easy - you just place ads on your own sites. Each time someone comes to your site and clicks on the ad, you make a small profit, or, a portion of the advertising costs.

Advertisers love this because they can spread their ads across thousands of sites and rely on the ability and creativity of the site owners to get ad clicks back to their products.

Ad profit varies widely based on the popularity and competition for the advertising space. Depending on your site topic this could range from $.05 a click to $1.00 or more a click. Google Adsense is the easiest and best place to start.

4. Find Affiliate Products - Don't forget that many people worldwide share your interests as well. In fact, it is almost certain that someone has written an ebook or created a product that matches your interests exactly. The catch for them is that they need a way to sell their products and services.

This is where you come in. Most online products allow you to sell them on your own sites and keep a portion of the revenue. If your site becomes very popular with a large amount of web traffic you can earn a significant amount of affiliate revenue because people will want to buy the products you recommend.

I know of one man who became a millionaire in only 2 years on this concept alone. He focused on his interest: laptops, and built an online business that gave him both affiliate and advertising revenue. There are many affiliate directories that you can use to find a product that matches your site. Great places to start are Clickbank and Linkshare - both are free to use.

5. Write Articles - If there is one point to take away these steps on how to earn money online, it's this one. Articles are the best means to driving traffic back to your site and increase your profits.

Why is this? People are constantly looking for information on topics that are similar to yours. If they find your article and like it they'll be very likely to go to your own site to get more information.

There are a large number of article directories available today that you can submit to for free. Your articles are simply classified and categorized in the topic areas of interest and then publicized for distribution. Others can use your articles on their own websites which gives you the benefit of having links back to your own site.

This is a very powerful way to promote yourself and your interests. Remember, getting traffic to your site is the only way to earn money from your ads and affiliate products.

Remember to stay focused on your topic of choice - if you stay productive every day you will learn how to earn money online.

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