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Saturday, October 13, 2007

eBook Writing Tips To Prepare You To Write

By: Pasi Kaarakainen

One of the many ways to market on the internet is to write an eBook. If you have never done it, writing a book to published on the internet may seem a little bit overwhelming at first. In this article we will give you some tips on things to consider before you even write your first word.

It has been said that building a house happens one brick at a time. The same is true with writing an ebook. You do it one word at a time. Before you even start you need to sit down and put together an outline of thoughts that will make up your book.

You probably know the theme right now. Go ahead and write down a few titles that you could use for your ebook. Do not worry, you can change them or pick one after the book is done. Writing a title right now is a way to help you get focused on what your book is going to be about. Just put a few down as they pop into your head.

Next you want to expand on your title and come up with a thesis statement. This is a couple of sentences on what your book is about and how you will solve that problem. Most ebooks are problem solving in nature as people go online to solve their problems.

Your thesis statement is what you will develop the various chapters of your book from. Think of the thesis like the foundation of a house. You will build from it.

Here are a 3 questions to ask yourself before you actually start writing your eBook.

1. How will your book affect the people reading it?

2. Will the information in your book be useful to your readers?

3. As eBooks are problem solving nature, does your book solve your reader's problems?

Hopefully you can answer yes to all of these questions. This will help you to stay focused on what you write and how it is affecting to your readers.

Along these same lines is knowing who your target market is. An ebook gives you the same advantages in marketing that a blog or website does. But it will not help you much if you do not know who you are writing for. This can affect everything you write from the style, humor, tone, and the length of the book.

Many ebook writers are able to slip in links to various products and websites they want to promote. This is o.k. and is normally accepted as long as how you do it does not affect the flow of the book.

The other thing when promoting is do not just make your book one big ad. Naturally leading your readers to more websites they may find useful is being helpful. If one of those happens to be an affiliate sales page this is all the better for both of you.

Understand that the quality of the book will affect your reputation. Many ebooks are written simply to build an email list and to make subscribers of their readers. You will never do that if you write a poor book. This can be include everything from content and style, to spelling and grammar.

One other thing to consider is what will you do with your ebook after it is done. Are you giving it away to support another part of your business. Or are you selling it to make money. Will it be available on ClickBank as an affiliate product and be priced to pay commissions? These are all things to consider.

In conclusion consider these tips before you write your ebook. Get yourself and your thoughts organized. You will find yourself ready to write the great next masterpiece.

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