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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can A Regular Person Make Money Through Internet Marketing?

By Courtney Tuttle

This pretty familiar question runs through the minds of thousands of people. Since the beginning of the internet people have dreamed of striking it rich. The internet is full of opportunity, and internet marketing allows people to extend their reach to previously impossible distances.

The question then is whether a regular person, with no super-human skill can make their money online. The answer to this question isn't simple and for the purpose of discussion let's temporarily leave the answer at a maybe. What is a regular person anyway?

The difficulty with online business is that it takes more intensity then other types of businesses. The patience and tenacity required drives almost everyone to quit. Does that mean that the average person can't make money online? It at least means that most people aren't willing to do what would be required.

When attempting to build a profitable brand with the internet, people will run into many obstacles that they would never see in a brick and mortar type business. Traffic is excessively difficult to come by in the beginning.

Those periods of low traffic will drive most people out of the business, although continued effort would take them to sunnier days. The persistence required to make money with the internet is a lot like acting or being a musician, it can take literally years to get discovered.

What is required then? Making money with the internet requires the same attributes of most other businesses, but perhaps a more lethal dosage. Unlimited patience and creativity are a must. Persistence is the benchmark attribute of all those that make it online. A quitter will never make a full time income with the internet, too much is required. Most websites that reach serious levels of traffic have been online for at least one year, so plan accordingly.

Ironically, supreme levels of intelligence are not required to make money with the internet. In the past, people needed to understand the programming languages of the internet, but today's internet has made a lot of concessions that make learning these languages mostly unnecessary. The influx of blog platforms and other content management systems have made it fairly simple for regular people to have websites. Those that make it simply keep trucking when the going is tough.

If you would like to learn to make money with the internet, you should ask yourself a simple question. How much are you willing to put into it? Your answer will ultimately determine whether you make it or fail.

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