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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How To Earn While You Learn

By: Jeff Schuman

I like to hang out in internet marketing forums and see what is going on. Reading the questions and comments is a great way to get a feel for what is going on in the minds of people around the world as they try to build their own internet marketing business. We all are trying to earn while we learn in this business.

One day two posts caught my eye. One was about what the freedom of working at home meant to her. The other asked the question what is your why for building an internet business. I thought how similar these were, yet they were so different to each writer.

We all have a why for earning money on the internet. I'll always remember one famous internet marketer who was already earning several thousand dollars a day. He wanted to make more money and give it away to some very specific causes that were close to his heart.

For me I just wanted to quit my job and be able to work anywhere I wanted. Hawaii sounds good :-)

For others they have more month than money. Kids need braces, new clothes, the house is getting small, retirement is close by. I got an email the other day from one guy who is making money online and he is 72 years old. He is set financially, but he likes to keep busy and enjoys doing it online.

For the writer who wrote about the freedom she felt when she stayed home and made money, I thought this. I know she spent over 4 years learning why she was earning. All the while she kept her goal of quitting her job, and staying home and working, right in front of her. That is such a big key.

You have to really know what your why is! It is never going to be exactly the same for any two of us. But what is important is understanding what your why is.

This is where forums, article directories, and social directories are so helpful. You can earn while you learn from people who already know their why and many enjoy the freedom that they have from working hard to achieve it.

I owe much of my success to internet marketing forums, because I received a lot of my motivation from reading about the success of others. The nuts and bolts stuff motivates me. The basics that are working. This is what learning is really all about. Then you apply it and start earning from it.

Anyone can earn while they learn and achieve the freedom that come from having a crystal clear why!

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